Mardis Nenno
Mardis Nenno





My path as a ceramic artist began at Alfred University, NY School of Ceramic Art and Engineering. I received a BFA from Montana State University and an MFA from Washington State University.  I was a studio potter in Belt, Montana for a decade, then moved to Spokane WA and began teaching clay classes.  In 2006  I was a resident artist at the Archie Bray Foundation for nine months.  I’ve also done a short residency at the Experimental Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China.  I continued to teach at Spokane Falls Community College until I retired in 2016.  Now I’m back in my studio, making things.



 In all of my work I look for the stories that people and their ordinary objects hold.  I’m seeking resonance in that human connection, exploring the language of utility and form to find the eloquence of mute objects.  Clay draws me to the edges between hard and soft,  spontaneous and ordered, mass and emptiness.